Issues with Token Retrieval in JavaScript SDK Authentication


I’m facing an issue with the Authentication in my web app. After a user signs in, the token is sometimes not retrieved correctly from localStorage, leading to unauthorized access errors.

Here’s the problematic code, how to deal it?

// Function to handle user sign-in

async function signIn(email, password) {

try {

const user = await auth.signIn({ username: email, password: password });

console.log(‘User signed in:’, user);

// Store the token

localStorage.setItem(‘authToken’, user.token);

} catch (error) {

console.error(‘Sign-in error:’, error);



// Function to retrieve the token

function getToken() {

try {

const token = localStorage.getItem(‘authToken’);

if (!token) {

throw new Error(‘No token found’);


return token;

} catch (error) {

console.error(‘Token retrieval error:’, error);



The question is not related with pinegrow

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