Same code, different result

I recreated/updated a site previously built in Pinegrow. When I upload it to the old file location via FileZilla, it works perfectly. When I upload it to the new file location, I get the following multiple “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token”

I’m truly clueless as to what this means or how to fix it. It’s the exact same code so what am I doing wrong?

Hi, that usually means it has an extra < or some tag missing.
Check you still have the the beginning and end tags. ie , < html > etc

copy the new code exactly from your new site and run it through an online syntax checker and see what it says.


since you have posted neither the site url or the code… then only a mind reader (or psychic code fixer) code help outside of that :slight_smile:
May I suggest you post the url of your broken site?
then others can look at it too.

good luck and sorry for the delay, no idea why no one replied.