Laravel + Inertia + Vue

I use Laravel and have secured all my pages. In vuedesigner I can only see the login page. How can I login?

Hi @avorster,

Im assuming you have cloned this repo - GitHub - Pinegrow/pg-laravel-inertiajs-tailwindcss: Vue Designer Laravel Inertiajs Tailwind CSS - Quick start template following the youtube tutorial.

The page-view can either be in edit-mode or click-mode and this mode can be toggled via the toolbar.

In click-mode, you can interact with you app just like how you would in an external browser. I covered this at 14:04 in the youtube tutorial.

Enable click-mode, and you can login, then use the app-tree to navigate to the currently loaded component in the authenticated page.

Let us know if you still facing any issues.


It is working, thanks!