Latest Mac OS needs 64bits application and stops supporting 32bits


I asked this before in my topic “Why is Pinegrow still a 32bits application?” and never got any reply!
But now that Catalina comes for the Mac and doesn’t support any 32bits application I ask it again.

Will Pinegrow get updated on time and become a 64bits application?



Yep - remembering this thread, wondered and obviously forgot about it.
So I did hereby a quick system-check.
I cannot help myself - but my system says in the best german I can offer:

Version 5.7 is a 64-bit application.



OK thanks! On my Windows 10 laptop it is 32bits so I was under the impression that it would be the same on my Mac.

When on your Mac click on the Apple Icon in the top left, “About this Mac” then click on System Report, go to Software then Applications, it will show all Applications which are 64 bit with a YES and all 32 bit with a NO. Scroll to Pinegrow and it shows as 64 bit.