Pinegrow 6.1 Mac OS Monterey -> doesnt start anymore

Hi there,

since I installed Mac OS 12.0.1. Monterey Pinegrow doesnt start anymore, or it starts but collapses before the start page of Pinegrow appears.

Does anyone else has this problem or does someone know a fix for this issue. Or do I have to wait untill there is the next Pinegrow update ?

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Same here using 6.1.1, seems this was reported when Monterey was in Beta but has not yet been fixed.

@Andy @ohmygoodliness

Good news Pinegrow will work well with macOS Monterey when we release our next update. (very very soon).

We have sent a preliminary version to all users who had reported malfunctions and so far, the feedback is all positive :wink:

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Thank you very much for the answer Emmanuel ! Looking forward to it (very very soon) :wink:

Hi Emmanuel
I have the same problem … may I have the link to download the preliminary version…I has a newsletter to send today :-(( Thank’s

I’m also waiting on this next update for support under macOS Monterey.

Out of curiosity will this next release have native Apple Silicon support?


Please send the link for download

Can I please a link to the preliminary version?


I have a project I need to start. Do you have an idea when the new version will be available.

Please send me also the link to download!

Hi Emmanuel
I have the same problem (MacOS 12.0.1 and Pinegrow 6.1) … may I have the link to download the preliminary version ?
I must put urgent info on my association’s website
Thanks :slight_smile:

Pinegrow 6.2 update is already available at :+1:t4:

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The link above downloads V6.1.1
This still fails to open on Monterey
There really is no excuse for this - one of the reasons Apple releases Alpha and Beta versions of their OS is to allow software developers to ensure their software will work with new versions.
I must say I’m really disappointed with Pinegrow - it’s been over a week now.

Try this direct link for v6.2 -

… until the download page gets refreshed with the right link for v6.2…

I noticed the release notes for v6.2 mentioning support for Monterey - Pinnegrow Web Editor 6.2 - 11. Nov, 2021 | Pinegrow Web Editor

Thank You Akayy - That works fine

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Oh… you discovered our top secret unreleased 6.2 :slight_smile: The update itself is ready, but we still have some work to do on related documentation so we pushed the release back to early next week.

Anyway, now you have it, let us know if you find any bugs. Glad to see it solves the Monterey issues.

In the meantime, please don’t share the link too much.

Oops :hugs: sorry, got carried away by the release notes :grimacing:

Sorry for my basic English that’s why I will explain the problem in French.

J’ai téléchargé la version 6.2 (secrète) sur mon MPB 13 M1 2020 qui tourne sur macOS Monterey 12.0.1. J’utilise Pinegrow depuis 2ans tous les jours et j’ai pu constater que sur la prochaine release de votre logiciel quelques problématiques que je partage :

  1. Le logiciel plante de façon aléatoire (message macOS problème inattendu) suite à un problème lié à NJWS.

  2. Depuis mon moniteur d’activité, je constate que le NJWS Helper (Renderer) explose ma consommation de mémoire (+100%) quand je saisi du code dans “Element Code de Pinegrow”. Depuis mon interface “cleanmymac” je constate dans le même temps des pics de température supérieurs à 70°

  3. Je constate aussi une certaine latence dans le logiciel pour des actions basiques, refermer un menu, déplier une div, etc… Très désagréable pour l’expérience utilisateur.

  4. Je constate un temps considérable quand je réalise une mise à jour complète du projet (Components) je dirais double du temps qu’avec la version précédente (6.1.1).

Je ne suis qu’un simple utilisateur de votre produit, le fait de l’utiliser plusieurs heures par jour, je vois clairement la différence, j’espère que vous pourrez trouver des solutions. Je reste à votre disposition si vous avez besoin de plus de précisions ou d’impression écran.

Thank you for the report @kiyoshi-miki. Did anybody else notice slower performance with the latest 6.2 release compared to 6.1.1?

Attaching the Google translate of the above post here:

I downloaded version 6.2 (secret) on my MPB 13 M1 2020 which is running on macOS Monterey 12.0.1. I have been using Pinegrow for 2 years every day and have noticed that on the next release of your software a few issues that I share:

The software crashes randomly (macOS unexpected problem message) due to an issue with NJWS.

From my activity monitor, I see that the NJWS Helper (Renderer) explodes my memory consumption (+ 100%) when I enter code in “Pinegrow’s Element Code”. From my “cleanmymac” interface, I note at the same time temperature peaks above 70 °

I also notice some latency in the software for basic actions, closing a menu, unfolding a div, etc … Very unpleasant for the user experience.

I see a considerable amount of time when I do a full project update (Components) I would say double the time as with the previous version (6.1.1).

I’m just a simple user of your product, using it for several hours a day, I can clearly see the difference, hope you can find some solutions. I remain at your disposal if you need more details or a screen print.

Same for me :S I got many latency with 6.2. menu, scroll, export, etc.
(On MacBook M1 Pro)