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After update to OSX 10.14.2 can't run PG5


Hi all
I need help
after update to OSX 10.14.2 can’t run PG5

Oops! I forgot some IDE I install may be taken the port conflict.



As a general rule, you should not update your OS until you are sure that your production environment will run. Meaning all your apps will function properly. You should always test in a virtual machine.

As for fixing the problem, unfortunately Apple does not provide a means to roll back short of restoring with time machine or some other backup software. I run Sierra for production reasons so I can’t confirm your issue. You will have to be patient and wait for the developers to test and update for Mojave.

Hang in there, they are pretty responsive to fixing issues.




… all I can say is, that I’m running above mentioned setting without any major problem.




Normally the only thing preventing apps working properly in Mojave is if they are 32bit, The latest Pinegrow 5 is 64bit so in theory should be OK. I think Pinegrow 4 was also 64bit. Something which has been reported is Apple’s unidentified developer setting preventing an app from opening.
You could try launching Pinegrow then go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. See if the app is being blocked, if it shows grant it access.


Thank for your support, but I can’t see where Tab of it.


I don’t have Mojave installed yet, but on High Sierra it is in the “general” tab.
Another suggestion is to right click or Ctrl click on the Pinegrow 5 folder and make a compressed zip file copy so you have the original safe.
You could now try re-installing Pinegrow 5, Mojave should kick in stating the software is from an unknown developer, you can then grant it permission to install.

Another thing you could try is my deleting the preference file, it is called com.humane.technologije.pinegrow.plist you can find this in /Users/whateveryourname/Library/Preferences/

Also there is an application support file also called Pinegrow you will find this in /Users/whateveryourname/Library/Application Support/Pinegrow you could try deleting this, note that if you do you will need to re-enter your serial number to re-activate Pinegrow.


Just an update, I have updated to Mojave and can confirm PG 5 works fine. Sounds as if you either have a corrupted pref file or something is conflicting.