License not working, support not responding


I have sent two emails over a few days asking to have my license fixed. No response and really like to get license fixed.

As early adopter was told had lifetime updates but every few months have to email support asking for license fix. Now I cannot use the V3 and really like too:)

Sending email to support @ Has it changed?

How about just permanently fixing the issue so can have no issue?


Susan M

Hello Susan,

V3 was released yesterday and from my understanding, your situation was fully addressed today.

As an early adopter, you receive privileges but - as I told you while we were discussing through the support - for this specific case (early adopter), we handle the changes “manually” each time there is a new major release.

This time again, the change took a bit more time than with any automatic process but still, you received V3 upgrade for free :wink:

Be sure that we will enhance this point in the future.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards.