License Purchase

I made an error when renewing my licenses. I actually purchased new licenses instead of renewals. I sent an email to I have not heard back from any one. Is their an another email account that I should use?

Hi John, sorry to hear that your renewing went wrong!

That emailaddress you mentioned and used is correct.
Hope they get back to you soon, I’m sure they can fix/solve it for you.

See also the Contact Page (if you didn’t see it) for more info about contacting them.


Sorry, your initial message fell through the cracks.
The situation is resolved, you have mail in your inbox :wink:

Thank you for your understanding.

Also there is a 2nd purchase of Pinegrow Pro under a gmail account in the same support ticket.
I have two Licenses That also needs to be refunded, so I can purchase the second renewal

Both are done.