Linking css to a html document

I am confused at what I am actually doing when I link a css file to the html document.

I would hope to click new html then click new css and then have them linked in the head of the html. Kind of like dreamweaver works if I click attach a style sheet it puts the code in the head of the doc relative to where the style sheet is located.

I am finding out after buying PRO version that it does not seem to add anything into the html at all. To have so much automation and not simply be able to link a style sheet to html in a useful way is pretty lame.

I mean I have a html file I have a css file and even if I click manage and then attach it does nothing unless I actually manually add into the head. only then does the page take on any of the css attributes. So what the heck is the use of the manage and attach feature it does nothing for me.

Please, have a look at this short video


Thank you earnoud, I was trying to do this with a blank html document. If you dont have the tags in the top it wont insert a css link.

Also when you create a new plain html document it creates a blank css that is attached and a folder next to where you save the new html doc.

I like pine grow so far its very extensive I just a little bit different interface than I am used to.