Visual css editor without file connection

Is it possible to edit a .css file via the visual editor, while there is no connection with a html document (WP theme creation)?
So I can’t select a certain element in the page, only the css rules in the css file.
For example in the final project the element will be created from a javascript.

Hi @Piro,
Yes, this is possible. In the style panel there is a dropdown in the upper right. that will list all of the stylesheets associated with the project. If you click on the stylesheet name it will bring up all of the rule on the stylesheet. Clicking on any rule will let you edit it on the stylesheet. You can create a new rule by typing it into the input box at the top of the “Active” tab. Let me know if you need some more guidance.

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Wow, wonderful.
Why couldn’t I find this myself? :blush:
Thanks a lot!
Kind regards,