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Making websites is easy by Matjaz - where does flat-file cms fit in?


Hi, recently read Making Websites is Easy which echoed a lot of my sentiments about web design, and I was wondering where/if you think flat-file cms fits into the picture.
I’ve been in this business a while - started out with COBOL typed on to punched cards (don’t drop that pack!) - and remember when web design was fun, and simple. I’ve recently been playing around with Grav and I like the idea very much - back to basics.
Are there any flat-file systems you’d recommend? Does Pinegrow have any plans to add a flat-file cms to it’s repertoire?


I can recommend Kirby CMS a lot! Great docs and community, super flexible system and reduced nicely to the important stuff. Easy to update and maintain. Kirby version 3 is coming out soon, but even v2 has everything I’ve ever needed.


Thanks m-artin,

I’ve been looking at Kirby, Grav and Pico

Don’t have any experience, so appreciate the recommend.


Good question.

I also previously mentioned and hinted how it would be nice to integrate a few popular Flat File CMS systems directly into Pinegrow.

One such example of this could be BlocsApp (mac app), which makes it easy to develop for the CMS’s it supports by including the setups and hooks for the user to define the appropriate content for each CMS.

For many clients, using simple online editor controls as demonstrated and available from numerous Flat File CMS solutions offers a cleaner approach for clients to edit sites -vs- the integrated scaled back Pinegrow CMS option being offered as an app by Pinegrow.

A few integrated popular Flat File CMS options would be advantages for the app and marketing opportunities regarding CMS solutions and Pinegrow. I had considered putting forth a proper #feature-request thread in the past about it, but have rather given up on those both big and small.



I like Pinegrow’s strong focus on front-end design.
Perhaps a nice addition would be if Pinegrow’s ‘Smart Components’ could import files with markdown and image files and monitor any file changes in a certain folder.
That way, it could use the contents folder of different flat-file cms and close the gap between static and server-side templating.