How to build a blog with Pinegrow?


I’m new to Pinegrow, but have been developing sites for 20+ years. I’m ok with html & css and in general understand the Pinegrow IDE.

I need to develop a blog website, but am looking to avoid the big online CMSs. The blog will be low traffic, one post per week with mainly text rich.

Is there a way to build one with Pinegrow?

Pinegrow works as a website builder, you build a static site and then make it dynamic. And the best option is that you can convert it to a WordPress theme. So that you can easily get a dynamic site with WordPress, build a blog site or anything with it.

I’m not sure what you are calling as big online CMSs, with WordPress you can go small too big as you need. Just don’t install every plugin that you come to know.

Pinegrow does have its own static CMS feature, but it is a totally different thing. Check about it here Pinegrow CMS for static HTML websites | Pinegrow Web Editor

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I have managed self-hosted WordPress installs in the past and they have been nothing but a nightmare. Constant hack attempts, malicious code through plugins and massive maintenance overhead plus increased costs to run.

I’d much rather use a framework like bootstrap, although I do appreciate that they are not dynamic.

Many thanks for the suggestion though.

Hi, by nature all true blog CMS platforms will require some back end like PHP, but if you wanted to make a pho-blog in PG you can easily do this. You’ll have to manually do all the linking and such but if you set it up correctly it would appear to be a real blog for anyone visiting the website. Having said that I would personally just use WordPress b/c it’s easier to update after it’s been built. Best!

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Hi there @svsmailus , its a bit late now and I assume you already ended up with a solution, but… if your idea is still mothballed,
how about Flat File Systems?

they are rarely if ever spoken of here, but they are really are a bit of a killer solution for what you were after.

heres some idea

And here is a simple list of 20 others!
Including the above no doubt.

…oh go on then, have another list as well! This one describes each one quickly and the licensing too.

just check those out then google around for the best FFS etc
Good luck and let us know if you go with any of them.


Interesting that Hugo is not on any of those lists?

Hugo is great. At the moment, I am building a project with which I would say is a step up from Hugo. Hugo and Astro are static site generators. It works differently to a CMS. If you want to build a blog with CMS functionality that has a tiny footprint, I use WonderCMS.


Yes, I remember Looking at Hugo, some time ago,. Never used it. I used one or two others… mmm I just decided to have a look at some of them again.
Ive mentioned Flat File systems on here previously too, and just realised that the free version of AMMPS

which I used to use to explore them has been seriously neutered!
Just about none of the app install scripts work on the free version any more!
SO not much use to explore stuff.

but , does still install apache, mysql and phpmyadmiin for free I guess so…

mmm I just went and searched this forum now, strange, Im sure I waffled out about flat file systems far more than that, but I just checked out one search result and that took me back to this

and followed that and found these, ONE I remember (sitecake)

(OUCH! Pricey!)

but this one?
Care of @Printninja
I have NO recollection!

and… have never heard of it.

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I have found Traversy Media’s course on astro really helpful - Astro Crash Course - YouTube


I fell in love with 11ty, and if as You say, have 20+ yr experience i m sure you’ll get quickly the in the game. it’s obviously not integrated with Pinegrow but I was playing around with it, setting my layout and the components amd then with 11ty was really easy to jump o a Static Site with some really cool features. Bryan explains much better then me - here’s the link to his channel, hope it’ll help you

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