How to build a blog with Pinegrow?


I’m new to Pinegrow, but have been developing sites for 20+ years. I’m ok with html & css and in general understand the Pinegrow IDE.

I need to develop a blog website, but am looking to avoid the big online CMSs. The blog will be low traffic, one post per week with mainly text rich.

Is there a way to build one with Pinegrow?

Pinegrow works as a website builder, you build a static site and then make it dynamic. And the best option is that you can convert it to a WordPress theme. So that you can easily get a dynamic site with WordPress, build a blog site or anything with it.

I’m not sure what you are calling as big online CMSs, with WordPress you can go small too big as you need. Just don’t install every plugin that you come to know.

Pinegrow does have its own static CMS feature, but it is a totally different thing. Check about it here Pinegrow CMS for static HTML websites | Pinegrow Web Editor