Master page but what about master css?

I’m learning about Master Pages in PG and I’ve got the “editable areas/attributes” thing figured out (i think), but as soon as I start to style anything the entire philosophy of “master page” seems to take a dump.

Say i create a header, and i style it with header {} in my css and this is NOT locked by the master page.

Now i can go to any of my other pages and just change the style in my .css file and it CHANGES THE MASTER PAGE!

I tried to make a .class for just the page i wanted to change, but it says that part’s not editable :wink:

seems backwards.

am i missing something?

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You might make a master.css (or master.scss) file and use that.

Depending on your order, it can take priority over style.css or other files you may use.

Then there is the usage of: !important …and last but not least, is inline styles.

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I have not used Pinegrow’s Master Page feature, but as I understand it, you have to define which areas and classes are “editable.” They have a Tutorial with an example site you can download. Perhaps that would help.

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from the way it’s described, it doesn’t seem as tho the master page works as a CSS container, as far as inheritance goes… which would mean each html document would need to have it’s own link in the head section.

i would be happy to be wrong tho.