Creating new Classes using Master Pages


I just noticed that I can’t create classes using a master page. They disappear immediately after creating them in the style penal so I can’t edit their CSS. Is that a bug?

I need to create classes on a page that uses a master page because I created one master page for my website containing the header, footer and head scripts. I have just a element this is editable (inner content) and contains all the content from my subpages.

Do you have a better solution to create small websites (home, contact, services, legal) in Pinegrow?

I’m not sure if I got what you are trying to explain but in my guess that might not be a bug.

You may know this but are you selecting the element with the same class that you are creating? You know that right, when you select an element; classes that are applied to that element will only be seen?

If that’s not the case have you just checked the CSS file, are your newly created classes appearing there? If it is on your CSS file then it should definitely appear.

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Hi @Riccarcharias,
Yeah, @abirana is correct. If you create a class, unless it is applied to the selected element it won’t appear in the active rules. You can make all the rules appear in the style panel by clicking on the stylesheet name in the Stylesheets dropdown at the upper right of the Styles panel.

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@RobM, @abirana Thank you for your help! But is was just a bug, after restarting the App everything runs fine. I created a test project to replicate the bug but there was no problem at all. But thanks for your ideas!