Master page changes lost every time project was closed

Hi there,
i’ve a project with an front-page.html set as master page and “Site content” Action in it. To have interactions get to work even on a page which is used for blocks only i need to active interactions on the master page.

Problem: every time i close the project, all changes i’ve made on the master page are gone (interactions disabled, Customizer Smart actions removed…)

Any ideas?

Do you also loose these changes by clicking on Components > Update the whole Project in the menu bar?

Cant’t find a “Components” menu item in WP Plugin.

Ah ok, I thought you were using the desktop application. I have no idea about the WP Plugin, sorry.

That sounds like it could be a server issue. I would contact support who can help you through some troubleshooting steps.

For what it’s worth, I work with the plug-in nearly every day and haven’t had this issue on Apache, Nginx, or OLS servers.

I can’t see any errors in export log and checked file permissions already.
Anyway, i will contact support. Good to hear none of you face the same issues.

Make sure you don’t have a duplicate master page or template.

I’ve imported the theme to PG Desktop version (had to buy it first) and there the problem not exists. Maybe re-importing it from there to the WP Plugin may work but i lost so much time with this have to move on. Will work with the Desktop version to geht the project finished.

@MichelyWeb it might be worth emailing Pinegrow support to tell them about this issue. They can help troubleshoot it and get a fix in the pipeline if one is needed.

@Emmanuel do you have any other suggestions for her?

Contacting the support seems like a good idea :slight_smile:

Update: after deleting the project from WP and importing the former exported project to the PG WP Plugin it seems everything works as expected again. Can save the master page, interactions and changes are saved now.

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