Media and VRML player

I want to add a Vimeo link media player and some VRML viewer or similar. Do any components or blocks exist, I couldn’t find any external plugins. Should I create a div and add my own code ?

Hey @Idott,
Not sure what your end goal is, but there should be some code for embedding a Vimeo link from their page. It is pretty video specific, so no drag-and-drop element from the library. Just paste the embed code into the Library panel code box and drag it to the page.

VRML viewers are going to be pretty complex, so also, nothing out of the box.
Good Luck!

Hi Rob/Bob,

The aim is to showcase students design and craftwork, also to include some practical tutorials.

VRML has worked before using X3DOM resources, it was fairly straightforward, will try and post a link

To a demo.

I just wondered if anything had changed with regard to VRML which could save some time, seems not

So I best get thinking.

Regards Ian

Cool, I look forward to it!

Hi there, Well, I’m not sure when you were doing this last @Idott , but I’d like to see the demo too as , as far as I know, VRML all but sunk.


SO if its up and running GREAT>
I have been looking into the 3D thing a bit around here, but I didnt even go down the VRML road as
it was sort of dying… immediately after i left Uni, around 2006/7

We also studied XHTML 2.0
The Future of the web

…yes… quite.
Im glad it died!
it was even more unnecessarily verbose than I!

this is from back in the day
and doesnt sound too promising.

I spent a while trying to get it up and running a couple of years ago, via the x3DOM

but wasnt having much success.
but I REALLY fancy playing with it :slight_smile:

so sign me up for some of the fun if you get it set up

its not what you were after, but I ended up getting my head blown away by this, back in the day.

Absoloutely fantastic!
from 2013

This from when I last mentioned VRML here and was exploring it.
I didnt get anything past the cube working in a browser.

Dec '18

yep just done that, it works on local but not on web…yet

New page

Some VRML  Pinetrees rock

Oh dear!

I must stop exploring…

I have web stuff to learn… media queries… Tutorials… must NOT go down this rabbit hole again…
but let me know how it goes!! shhh , dont tell anyone

I understand, don’t follow the rabbit. Just can’t help myself.

Still knowledge for it’s own sake is a noble aim.

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So many topics…

So little time…

(and I WASN’T just on this site…

FreeWRL VRML/X3D browser / Git / Commit [de561d])

at all…

Seems the idea is still moving ahead

Yes… Promising… sigh.

meanwhile I was back off at the WayBackMachine…

Must stop :wink:

back to media queries and web tutorials,
Now going to gaffa tape my mouth up and sit on my hands so I cant type any more…


Failing badly…>

try some of these examples, they might be faster to download.

Well that looks fab! cheers, i might check that out tmrw evening , as
ive got nothing done, but had a lovely time :slight_smile:

Had video working, no problem.
Sort of thing I create late at night… follow that rabbit.


I would highly suggest having a look at Three.js.

Other modern and actively maintained lib options for converted file types are A-Frame, BabylonJS, etc.,

Hi Pinegrow_User,
Thankyou for that tip, I remember using it in the past but had completely forgotten. It was
very good and straightforward, will revisit it.
Regards Ian

If you don’t mind me asking, how was that top video generated?

Hi Bob,
The twisting writhing form were generated using a now defunct software called Groboto, the video was created by applying layers of basic footage over each other and using filters in Kdenlive but I expect all video editors could do this. I will put the unedited video up when I find it.