Mix of video and VRML

I just got busy with putting an educational web page together for distant learning since NZ went back into lock-down. Main aim of the design is to keep it clear, free from too much distraction and usable. Put in the VRML and webm. The whole design scales nicely from extra large to medium, I don’t anticipate students doing CAD work on a phone.
Any thoughts most welcome. Link ML Week 3 Sketchup start

I would use a Bootstrap 5 template from Pinegrow and first study how the framework has to be used. Then use the Bootstrap 5 building blocks to build the site, because this makes no sense.

The content structure is:
<section> (if you want sections) <container> <row> <col>

Good Luck!


Hi David,
Thank you for your suggestion, seems like a good idea. I had been wondering what a correct structure might be.
Just took a look at the gallery template, see there is no use of a grid. The first tutorial I did was using the grid so assumed it was the way to go.