Memorize the options deactivated on each view panel


Everytime I open a previously edited page, its page view panels are reopened automatically which is normal, but 2 of each panel options under the “Features” section are reenabled even though i disabled them previously.

Options I’m talking about : CSS Grid and interactions

I disable them and they are coming back every time I reopen the project.
Closing and reopening the app doesn’t do the trick.
Neither closing et reopening panel view.

Is this a design choice ?

Hi @AnonymeForLiberty,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

@AnonymeForLiberty it is a design choice. Disabling CSS Grid and interactions is usually done to preview the page under these two edge-case scenarios. So, it is more of an exception, than regular use-case.

Imagine a user disabling these two settings without really knowing what they do. Or doing that and forgetting about it. The next time the page is opened the user will not be aware that the features are disabled and that will lead to a lot of troubleshooting and support requests.

Not remembering the values helps with avoiding this situation.


Alright. I was disabling them every time for performance purpose, without being sure it actually matters. For the same reason, I disable every time the Javascript (bar above view panel) and reenable it only if needed.

Sure it happened a few times that an interaction animation wasn’t working with no reason until I realize that’s because Javascript was disabled either by myself or because the IDE showed me with some animation that the Javascript button was off.