Bootstrap panel not recognsing Bootstrap in the project intermittently


Using PG6.8 with an existing project (i.e. created pre 6.8), MacOS 12.5 Monterey.

The Bootstrap Panel options are no longer there for a page that has been edited in PG6.8.
All BS styles still exist but for some reason the side panel is not recognising that BS exists for the project and therefore won’t show any options.

This is not consistent across all pages in the project. Some pages show the BS options.

See screenshots below from the same project:
Panel not working

Panel working

Any advice appreciated.

With thanks,


This is strange.
Could you try, on the concerned documents, to see what happens in the Library and plugins manager?

Hi Emmanuel,

I went to the Libraries and Plugin manager and BS5 was Deactivated for the page affected.

Screenshot 2022-09-06 at 13.35.35

I’ve now activated it (and across all pages (as it asked if I wanted to do that)).

Many thanks for your help.


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