Wordpress subtitles / Page specific customizer

Hey, I’m new to pinegrow and wordpress development, and I’ve come across the following problem - How can I add a subtitle in WP and display it like this (see: Image)?

Currently grabbing the title with ‘Page Title / wp_title’ with success.

Just wondering if there is a good WP subtitles plugin that connects well with any of the actions I can assign in Pinegrow, so that I can make page specific subtitles?

Something even cooler would be to have a customiser option that is page (slug) specific…
Where I could create custom title / subtitle / paragraph / in the header section, any way to do this?


Maybe like this:

<?php bloginfo('description'); ?>

If that is what you mean, of course. In Pinegrow, select the text and click the WP-tab, then site, then choose ‘description’.

Hey 24degrees,

Thanks for your reply!
The site description does show the info for the whole site quite nicely, but doesn’t allow me to change this per page.

Description shows the same subtitle each time:

Title: Home
Subtitle: Another WP Site
Content: …

Title: About
Subtitle: Another WP Site
Content: Address, details…

What I’d like to achieve:

Title: Home
Subtitle: Welcome to this site…
Content: …

Title: About
Subtitle: Find out more about me
Content: Address, details…


So basically I link the title to the page title, and would love to have some small description or subtitle above the rest of the content, in the header image.

Don’t know how to achieve this, there are WP plugins for Subtitles, but I’m not sure if there are any that link to Pinegrow…

Maybe using some meta function?

Thanks anyways!

Hi Stephen,

I think I need more information about your WordPress setup before I can answer this question correctly. But I can suggest this approach, in Pinegrow. I have little time now, but basically it goes like this:

  1. select the element where you want the subtitle
  2. in PG, choose the WP tab and search for ‘register post type’
  3. enter a name (call it subtitle for now) and the values required (make sure to select title in the fields)
  4. still in the WP tab, search for ‘the loop’
  5. fill in the required fields, and for query, type something like ‘subtitlequery’

Then, replace the element where you want the ‘subtitle’ with ‘Post title’.

If it doesn’t work out, let me know. But to little time now so that will be something for tomorrow.

have a nice weekend !