Missing options for get_terms functions

I’m trying to query taxonomies with custom fields values, just like:

But the only option in Pinegrow is the Smart Action - Site Tags & Categories - which doesn’t allow to more advanced queries.

Maybe we could add our own $args into queries to quickly customize it while we don’t have a full UI for it.

Hey @sirojuntle,
I’m running out right now, so I’ll write-up more later, but you can search on meta and taxonomies.
Add a loop, give it a custom name.

Scroll down for Taxonomy
or meta
If you give me specifics I can help more.

Hi, RobM! Thanks for replying!

I have made some tests and I think I can’t use that.

It would need some work around because I’m trying to query Categories based in Custom Fields. Then in my loop I expect to work with the Taxonomy object, not the Post object. My current solution is:

$args = array(
  'meta_query' => array(
         'key'       => 'crb_category_sticky',
         'value'     => 'yes',
         'compare'   => '='
  'taxonomy'  => 'category',
  $terms = get_terms( $args );

foreach( $terms as $term ) :
   carbon_get_term_meta( $term->term_id, 'crb_category_subtitle' );

I believe your proposed solution would work perfectly if there is a version with WP_Term_Query (or get_terms) instead of WP_Query.

Any thougths?

Thanks again.

Hey @sirojuntle,
Feeling dense today - I’ve thought about this a little and feel like this should be doable, but the only thing I can come up with right now is to add in a custom PHP block.

Hello, @RobM, it is ok!

I’m already working with a function and PHP code.

By the way, how to use the PHP block?

I’m stuck in ‘PHP Code’. It says “Right click to insert a PHP Block” but it does nothing!

I’m pasting code into that single text field, it works, but is hard to read.

And I’m having some problems with <scripts> tags, I will do some more research in the forum and in my project and I will open another topic.

Thank you again!

The subtext is a little confusing. Essentially what it means is that if you have a whole block of code, right-click on the page to insert a block of PHP and then edit using one of the code editors (built-in or external).

and then,

and then

Hi, @Robm!

I didn’t expect you to answer on Saturday. Thanks for fast replying.

I don’t have all those options when I right click my html elements.


Am I missing some configuration or add-on?

I’m using Wordpress Theme Builder 1.3

Sorry, didn’t realize you were using the theme builder. I don’t think it has a provision for adding in code within the program. I guess you will have to edit the exported PHP files. I guess this is a feature of the full Pinegrow WordPress program. The right-click comment needs to be addressed.


Is there no intention to add the feature in the future? It would be especially helpful to adjust pagination in custom queries in $args blocks.

Other than that, thank you again for the support and I’m liking very much the software, I think I could do all tasks I tried sucessfully!