My plugins (wordpress and bootstrap) suddenly unloaded and my stylesheet dissapeared from the active view

I was editing a website when the program suddenly crashed. When I opened the file again, I found that the wordpress and bootstrap plugins were unloaded and that style.css no longer showed up in the active view. I can reload the plugins and everything seems to be still there (although for some reason, when I save and reopen the file, the plugins unload again…) but the style.css stylesheet refuses to show up in the active view. Instead, the bootstrap css files show up. I tried ignoring the bootstrap files and pressing the “load&show in active” button on the style.css but it flatout refuses to do that (it remains “greyed out”). All of this on the eve of my deadline… I really need this fixed if I am to put the final finishing touches on this website…

Hello @Roel,

Can you please contact the support with all the details about your issue as well as send us your project folder (dropbox or google drive) so we can see what is happening?

Deepest appologies for only reacting to this now but I ended up editing some things manually using Atom. However, the project is being restarted and additional chaèges may be needed so I could really use the an intact file. (the latest pinegrow update seems to have made it worse as the defined custom fields have dissapeared now…) Can you direct me to the google drive by giving me a link by any chance?