My suggestions, which i think may be very useful

Hello, everybody, I come here to report the things I saw need on pinegrow, so that it can be implemented as the updates.

1 - Add a box with flex option into elements properties. Example

2 - Compatibility for two monitors, this is a difficult task when it comes to working.

3 - Make the property blocks and contents within the program move more easily so that the user can organize themselves better and better, and add the option to save this positions of the moved blocks. Example: Photoshop workspaces

4 - Change a colors of bootstrap (image example > (i’m a new user don’t permission to more images lol)
Allow the pinegrow to change the color of the bootstrap according to that specific project, changing within the css the primary, secondary color variables. Pingendo use this.

That’s it for now, I hope this helps.
Gabriel - DSHY <3 Pinegrow -

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To address some of your suggestions…

  1. Already exists in the visual editor palate.
  2. Something many users have requested, including myself. It would be a huge asset to people working on desktop who are used to the extra real estate of multiple monitors. I’m pretty sure the Devs know this is a desired feature.
  3. All the panels are easily moveable, and their positions can be saved by clicking the “workspace” button in the top menu bar.
  4. Re: customizing Bootstrap - See this tutorial/video…

Your suggestions are all good, which is why most of them already exist as features lol.


Yes after the report was make, i search and i found enough things, including Box for changing flex on css. and is amazing, but thanks for show more options.
Thanks, definitely I’ll use this your tips.