NAVBar menu update

Hi I am brand new to this and not used HTML editors since the days of GoLive, been using Wordpress for years now. I have inherited a bootstrap website from another designer.

What I want to know is this. I have elements like the Navbar that runs across all 20 or so pages and of course a footer. These are all the same with the same links. How in Pinegrow do I make changes to all instances of the navbar and it gets copied across all pages.

Hope that makes sense. Currently I see the nav bar on all pages but if I edit it on one page it doesn’t change on another.

Hope someone can help

Answered my own question - use components

you can also set a master page with editable / optional areas that will propogate thru the website when you update the master.

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I would also concur with using Master pages, setting your editable area, and allowing PG to export your header/footer template parts for inclusion in your theme. That’s the easiest way to handle it, and if you have navigation changes on certain pages for special reasons, you can exclude that page from the original master page and make it a new master page, as PG will create another set of template parts for that, also.

It’s flexible, yet tricky, it takes time to learn these things.

just been playing around with it, and yeah… tricky.

“optional” will let you edit the items you have set, but it won’t update those items back to the master version unless you DELETE the item first.

i guess that’s good so you don’t accidentally “refresh” something you have made changes to, but it’s kind of a pain when you are still working on the project and just need to propagate a change without worrying about what get’s wiped in the process.

there needs to be full primer on all these features and how they inter-react… just walking thru the one or two tutorials is not enough to capture it all.