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Is it possible to add Submenus to Menu items? Is there a tutorial?

Hi @batman. A bit more context on what/how you are hoping to implement would be helpful, i.e. plain html, Bootstrap, Foundation, Wordpress, etc. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Actually I want to have one menu that I edit for all pages. This site has over 100 pages and I’d like to edit one menu for all pages. My original post was about making Submenus, meaning the dropdown menu would also have dropdowns and more, but I can not find anything on that anywhere using bootstrap. So I can get by with one level dropdown menus, but I would like to just edit one menu for all pages… if that is even possible.

Bootstrap allows you to have multiple drop down menus but for that you have to read up on how the menus are coded.

Here is an example

Thank you for your reply… but those menus are not mobile friendly, however Mobirise menus are. I think I found a way around that. NOW, can I edit one Menu for multiple pages? Is there a way to save the menu.hrml and only update that one menu and have it update all of the pages?

@batman have a look at this

Yes, that looks promising, Thanks:)

Hi Batman - in future don’t use dirty words like Mobirise :grin:

Looks like you’re going to solve with help from Rob (Robin)

HAHAHA, gotcha:) I think I have it now, thanks for all the help:)

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Hey I just found this again:) Something I learned is that for that “edit menu for all pages” thing… if you build one page and then copy and rename it for another… it does not keep that link Property. You have to go back and manually change each one, even if it is a code copy paste. But I have an idea and I’m going to go back and recreate the headers and see if it takes.

also check out the docs on Master pages

If you make a complicated page that you want to use for other pages as a template, with a Head and navigation and make that Head a master page, the consequential pages will not maintain that Master Page integrity. Meaning, if you try to make a change to the Navigation on the copied pages, you get a message “The element can’t be changed because it is defined in component Master Menu. Choose “Go to component definition” to edit the component definition.” But if you change the Master Page the changes do not show up in the Copied pages. The only way around this that I see so far is… You select the Head in the Copied page, then go to the Library “LIB” and right click on the Master Head and select Make selected and instance of the Master Page (in my case the Master Menu) Then it will update the copied page with the updated Menu/Navigation, but you still have to do that every time on every page. Am I missing something? I would like to edit one menu/Navigation and have it update all pages. Is that even possible? And now I see under [Components] / [Update the whole project] which does the same thing. That seems to be the way. Tell me if I am on the wrong track.

You only go the master page itself to make the change

If you have a site with say 20 pages created from the master page and you have an editable region for the content only (which is set in the master page) and you want to make a site wide change to say the menu then go to the master page only, make the change, click the orange update link which appears beside the components tab - then in the components tab find and click the “update whole project” link and last of all go File<Save All and your change will be site wide and saved to all child pages - if the master page is set up correctly as per the doc’s

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I am starting to understand, but only starting:) I appreciate the help it is opening my eyes:) I can see now that Master Pages and Components are basically Templates.

If you think of components as controlling only one element of a page and the master page system as controlling all elements of the page it might help you get your head around it a bit easier.

When I use master pages I don’t use components - I personally don’t find the need because I can edit all common elements of a site on the one page.

Glad to help.


@Simmo good explanation and well summed up.

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