NavBar PG - Adjust right

Hello people,
I’m new to PG and I’m a little rusty in CSS and this is the first time I use BS. As I adjusted the menu (navbar) of the model provided in PG to be on the right and the logo on the left. I imagine it is quite simple. Thank you

Hi @Alfredo - I’m not sure I completely understand your question, but I think what you want is a simple navbar, that on a full screen has the logo on the left and the navigation items on the right. Is this correct?

To achieve this it is easiest to bring in a navbar from the Components tab of the Library panel, rather than the list

I picked the sixth one down. You may have to enlarge the Library panel to see what they look like on full screen, not mobile.
Next, I selected the menu items on the right (“Home Features Pricing Disabled”). In the Tree view it would be the “Navbar collapse” element.

Next, I would add a new class rather then adding style inline or modifying a bootstrap style rule.
I called mine “menu-right”

Once you create the rule, edit it in the Style panel. Since the navbar from Bootstrap 4 is set-up with flex box you can put your menu items on the right side of the container by adding “justify-content: flex-end”.

You might also want to add some margin to the right so it isn’t pressed up against the right side so hard. Up to you!

fantastic explanation, thanks for your time and dedication!