Need to Find & Replace Chunks of HTML Code in ALL Pages & Replace

Hi there, I am trying out Pinegrow, as an alternative to Dreamweaver … One of the biggest things I need to be able to do is copy a chunk of HTML code, and run a Find > Replace on ALL pages I select (or in a folder)… It needs to find all the pages that have this code, and replace it with new code that I put.

Is this possible? If so, can someone explain how I can do this, like in DW?



Hi @elyssa, welcome to the Pinegrow Forums.

Have you tried using this key combo via the editor:

Also if you are not familiar with it already, you can use Atom (or any editor) with Pinegrow for more expansive editing abilities. So you can certainly approach things from that perspective also.

I trust something helps with your evaluation of Pinegrow, also hopefully you can already see some of the benefits it offers in various areas that Dreamweaver may be lacking.

:evergreen_tree: :heart:

I have tried, but this does not seem to work with many lines of code… and it can only search on existing page… what I need is to find 100 lines of code, and replace with new code, and to search ALL pages within the project to replace all that code… I didn’t find a way to do this…thanks for the reply!

You’re welcome @elyssa, so you were unable to do it even with Atom ?

Didn’t try Atom yet… I’m going to watch the tutorials on how to install and setup first :slight_smile:

Ok, once you get things setup this should help.