Find & Replace does not work

I am looking for a way to search, and search and replace both text and code. I did not find it in the menus. According to this web page:
This is Ctrl-F. But when I do this nothing happens, and I made very sure the PineGrow window had focus.

Where is there a comprehensive list of all Pinegrow shortcuts?

A shortcut should be a way to do faster what can be done in menus, and the menu text should show the shortcut. That should be true for every shortcut. I looked for and did not find the find and replace function in the menus.

Pinegrow version: 3.03 .
OS: Ubuntu 16.04

In 3.0.4 if you open the code editor and press CTRL+SHIFT+F the find and replace works for me. This key combination only seems to work within the code editor and it has to be open already, it will not automatically open the code editor for you. At least it did not for me.

I did not see that you are on Linux until now. If the above does not work for you then there maybe something wrong with the Linux version, the PC version works fine.