Search replace code site-wide

Is there a way to search-replace code (say, a link which changed), site-wide? Seems I do not find a method, or either there is none. Maybe a seasoned PG user might enlighten me, thanks in advance.

I am not sure about within Pinegrow?

But it can be accomplished across files for finding and replacing, with other editors such as either Atom or Brackets, etc.

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Sure, or Notepad++. But I thought this functionality seems so tied to PG, as to naturally have it within. Thanks for answering!

I think the answer is no in Pinegrow but would love to be told otherwise.

I am not sure if an editor update will be part of the updates in the upcoming version 3 of Pinegrow or not? Even the basic code formatting could use work, in general the code editing is not the greatest experience presently.

Perhaps you are already aware of it but there is a plugin for Atom to work directly in conjunction with Pinegrow.

Yes, but didn’t use it yet (relatively new to PG). Probably this is why this plugin exists, since Atom is really a very powerful code editor.

Probably, plus the plugin was created by @matjaz, who made Pinegrow. So at least they are aware the built in code editor is lacking ;-). Again perhaps version 3 will bring some improvements in this area?

I really really hope so!

Atom is slick but I personally prefer

Has all the features I need as standard such as powerful search and replace/spell checker and is lightning fast - although it isn’t as handsome as Atom, so many will ignore in favour of the more modern interface.

@Jack you seem to find all the strange ones… OpenStreetMap, BlueFish. Come to think of it explains how you found PG, you enjoy finding alternatives to the mainstream products :wink:

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@Rob Thats one of the reasons I enjoy web design - you don’t need mainstream products - someone may use photoshop - i’ll use gimp.

Someone may use Atom - i’ll use Bluefish

Because web design is mainly knowledge, code and design, you can build the highest quality websites using cheap/free software and Linux imo is the perfect platform for freelance web devolopers/designers.

This is actually quite neat as when I’m working in Bluefish, if I save the file I’m working on and have Pinegrow open, it instantly updates within Pinegrow.

Same re Bluefish, if I save a file in Pinegrow, Bluefush will notify me of the change and prompt me if I want to ignore or reload.

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