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New 3.2 Version of SublimeText Text editor released- As well as their GIT Client


AH! there has been a new release!

SublimeText is Simply a fantastic Text editor.
And now there is a new verison, with enhanced GIT intergration and diffing etc.
You can read about it in the link I posted.

it is cross platform and has a TINY footprint, compared to the likes of VSCode and Atom etc and is just about extendable to the moon. You can add sooo much functionality, dependent on your workflow, tasks, dev environment etc.

And…they also just brought out their Brand Spanky new (well to me anyway) Git tool!

OOh, just checked, that has just had an update too, 2 days ago.
They must be throwing more coal on the fire and cranking up the boilers at sublimeHQ!

I am just starting to get to grips with Git.

So handy timing… but there are terribly shiny tools like GitKraken out there, so lets see how that goes.
…mmm and simpler ones like Sourcetree too…sooo many.

now…if ONLY this could HAVE A PLUGIN…to intergrate with Sublime text…
which has several FTP options…and Git options…and all manner of extensions…
:slight_smile: hint

whistles nonchallently

Then BAM!

…drops da Mic’, turns and walks off stage… :wink:


That page, with this piece of text, is almost 3 years old!
So it’s not current and I think you can’t expect much from it.

But I hope for you that some day they can surprise you with a SublimeText plugin/extension!

You bring it as if these are unique and big selling points for Sublime,
but Atom and VS Code, has all these functionalities too!

But of course I understand that you prefer Sublime above Atom and VS Code.


Well, cheers for your interpretation @marf, but … you’re not quite spot on :slight_smile:

its 3 years old because…I’ve been waiting…for 3 years…for the teaser info. to manifest :slight_smile: …after it was said they WERE planning to support it.

I did have a look at the exisitng plugins to see If I could do something with them, however ,after looking extensivley into the code, with all my coding prowess…I realised, I would be better off colouring childrens books with soft cheese and broken spoons…maybe some bird excremement thrown in for good measure.
ie, it was beyond me. curses!

There, its interesting.

VSCode seems to be dominating atm, so I might try that again, I have it installed ONLY for PG, but Atom is well… ummm also here for the same reason and doesnt get touched. ever…ever ever ever…

ST has been up there for a long time…like top 3 -its been going for about 10 years now. A long time in web tech.
here it is from…3 years ago

And even though I DO like it a lot …its the fact that it offers most off the stuff that people kept asking for in PG. ie, FTP, External professional editor… Git intergration…blah blah etc.
So, you dont have to add those to PG (much like the other 2 editors as you say)

and… it storms all over Atom for Speed! and it has a much smaller footprint.

I’m looking at:
34MB for Sublime
199MB for VSCode :- 5.8 times the size

its a bloody TEXT editor! waaah!???

:-o !
16.5 times the size. Now if it delivered my totally finished and completely perfect web site too me, on a gold platter, with a side serving of Salad, to the fanfare of Angelic trumpets and a flash of light…

…I might just forgive it this Behemoth footprint.
but It dont. SO I wont. there is NO ROOM (literally) for a mere TEXT editor of this proportion on my HDD

Get a Grip Microsoft Github! its not an ENTIRE OS (in fact, its waaay BIGGER than my first OS by MS! Windows 3.11 check This :slight_smile: Interestingly …responsive…site

and you will see this, for the OS install…


Code in it!

And… its. a Sloth.

So, 3 years ago But I DO, like many others, expect stuff from PG team as they DO release remarkable things! :). So that’s why I keep reminding people cough cough HI PineGuys! :slight_smile: And if they say they are going to do something they usually do. Its the flip side of the there is no public roadmap kind of thing. So keep you in the dark, then give. you teasers and get you excited! YAY! :smiley:

Yaaa… Y :slight_smile:
Ya…y :expressionless:
Yaa wn. :frowning:

And…ST has been that highly used for that long…it’s not just me @marf, I havent sat there, filling out all those forms on Stack overflow :smiley: hee hee… honest!

I am not representative of (anythign really! but…) one third of web developers out there.
But if your releasing a product that intergrates with something, make it one of the most used Somethings.

if you click the tab to view by web development useage then you get

SO its. nearly a 3rd of the web devs use ST, but there are still just under a 5th using Atom, so the plugin is still really useful (if you have tiny files and dont mind brewing cups of tea as. you wait for Atom to do things)

SO, I shall carry on waiting :slight_smile:
Since they said they were planning on it

But… tbh, I would be MUCH HAPPIER… just using the built in Pinegrow Code editor in a reliable fashion, as I really like the way they have implememted it!
It’s perfect for my current needs and skill level.

But, it has some features that are a bit …wobbly, and i’d rather not have to use either of those two alternatives.

That’s it really :slight_smile: