SublimeText plugin? for Any PG version, but especially 2.951 - it still exists and gets used ya know!

Hello there, I’m just wondering whatever happened to the SublimeText plugin for PG?
I still use 2.951 on Snow Leopard (due to PG now requiring a later OS I cant go any further on that)
and, Was still waiting for the ST plugin to work for that version.
BUT new versions came out of PG (YAY!)
And intergrated Atom (YAY- I guess)

Atom ALSO has greater OS requirements (on a mac,)

SO I am stuffed with no SublimeText or Atom Text editor capabilities.

I dont know if it would be worth the while to fix the ST plugin (I seem to remember it worked for a while? Or am I mad and that was Atom on my other OS, which then broke, then fixed again)

Oh yes, and please reply to the Plugin request, not the AM I mad question.
Or, it could be a long thread…


ps I hope you are all having a much better xmas than me, because currently mine sucks.
ok ciao

mmm also would PG 3 or 4 run on Snow Leopard? (mac 10.6.8)
with some tweaking?

What Mac model are you running ?

Which can’t go beyond 10.6 ? So assumedly you are using Sublime 2.0.2 ?

From what I have seen Pinegrow 3 and upward are only officially tested for support of 10.11 and above.
It runs fine on 10.10 as well from what I have seen.

Because of this I doubt Pinegrow or any related plugin development will target:

Sublime 2 – last build • July 2013
OS X 10.6 – last build • July 2011

Maybe time to find a different, perhaps used Mac ?

Thanks for that. but not relevant to my questions as they dont address the points.
so its for the Pinegrow team devs really.

You’re welcome, but imagine supporting any and all legacy occurrences, that was the point.

Sorry for chiming in. :wink:

No problem. its just that it was one of the things that was supposed to have been implemented.And I seem to remember it worked for a while.
it would just make 2.951 a lot more useful for those who had it/can not upgrade, dont wish to purchase later versions,already have a fully set up SublimeText environment etc etc. the reasons behind why that is, was not the question, just what happened/will happen the the Sublimetext plugin.

That’s all. Just Querying the Pinegrow gods, or if anyone remembers the ST plugin working then stopping and if it was ever resolved.

and now that the Fiasco which was Merry xmas is over, Here’s to a Happy New Year.

Merry Xmas to you as well @schpengle !

To answer one of the questions, as far as I remember, I’m pretty sure we have never released a plugin for sublime. However, it is something that we STILL have in our todo but we have put higher priority on other features recently.

As for the system requirements, as already stated by @Pinegrow_User we have added a document here:


THanks :slight_smile: yeah happy FrenchMas to you too. yeah I seem to remember using the plugin… which then broke. But wasn’t sure as i was playing with DaringFireball’s live Reload plugin and all sorts at the time only worked on chrome on older OS’s

which I cant find a link too.

Oh, nice new doc there, but, why dont you also mention that PG 2.951 exists, and can be run on older OS’s, but , as you say is unsupported?

That may bring more users into the fold too :slight_smile:

EDIT …er maybe because that is the V4 docs? :slight_smile:
mmm ok, you guys should know, maybe I was just WAITING for the ST plugin