New Bootstrap 4 Blocks page Agency empties existing styles.css without warning

I have a project: example StartTheme2 with a styled style.css file with own css.
If I then open the new Agency Bootstrap 4 Blocks page from the offered template library then it wipes out style.css without warning and saves it,
From _pgbackup I can recover my styles.css.
But this is not nice.
Opening a new bootstrap library page should warn me that it will overwrite the styles.css page.
In the default Agency template there is by default a style.css attached, an empty one.

Starting with a new PGW session.

  1. Open a project, exampe ST2 Starters Theme 2 and one of the html files: index.html
  2. Make sure there is some own css in this file, just create some in case yours is empty and save it
  3. From the menu choose New page, Bootstrap 4 Blocks and then the Agemcy example choose a new file name: example: testindex.html
  4. The page opens now
  5. Styles.css is now empty and has size 0

Tested on PGW 5.991 Feb 13th 2021.

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Hi @mazzel,
I can confirm your bug. Thanks for giving such a detailed report! It will be looked into right away.

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Thanks for the report @mazzel!

We pushed a quick fix for this through our live system (a JS file loaded from our server). You just need to restart Pinegrow for changes to take effect.



many thanks @matjaz and @RobM for the fast solution-fix!
Regs, Hans