New experimental QRCode Plugin

Here is a first stab at a plugin that adds a QRCode generator for previewing your site more easily on mobile and tablets. I haven’t done extensive error/edge testing. You need to have your internal webserver hostname set to your computer IP address or the QRCode won’t be valid. Once you activate the plugin there will be a new menu item under the “Page” menu called “Generate QRCode preview”. It will generate a pop-up with the QRCode. Once you follow the link you will have to click the confirmation allowing the server to accept outside links.
Again, this is a first stab. I expect some errors might occur in real use and I will try to fix them if you let me know what they are. I’m a little swamped working on 3 other projects right now - an update to my UIKit plugin, a secret project :wink:, and a react Gutenberg plugin, but this kept poking at my brain. If anyone can get this tutorial to work it would be a great help and I can make a simple PG plugin for you!(
Anyway, here is the link.


Not bad going!

@txirrindulari joined the forum 6 days ago made a request and has had a custom plugin made to his spec already by @RobM.

How’s that for community action?