Free Block Kit(s) and Plugins

Another free one for those not busy beta testing Pg 3.0, some full screen sliding panels, (or maybe its an accordion), based on kwicks for jQuery and available for a limited time

Hey Benhna, I’m downloading everyone. I’ll give it back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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Thanks Kaleu look forward to hearing your feeback

So where are the free blocks? Your download links point to a PAY site with only 4 plugins. =(

In site says: Latest Pinegrow Plugins & Templates
Most of our Pinegrow Plugins have a free demo version available if you click on the download. View our Install instructions page to learn how to add them to Pinegrow. Try this:
Click in view plugin

hey @PwrSrg why the sad face?

@benhanna is good enough to put out free kit for us to sample and play with, just look for them :slight_smile:
you could just type in benhanna free blocks in this forum search bar (top right) and you will find forum posts to some of them,

like this search result

and you can then follow these links like

see the BIG RED button on the right? half way down, FREE sample version, or at the top?

and Ive written some other info on how to install them as well here in this post on how to install them

So, Join @benhanna’s site, then when you login , you can see the amazing list of samples and actual free templates and things he has made available over time

ie, my account login there lists THIS many free resources.

and some paid for ones :slight_smile:

so go on, have a look around , he has given us a PILE of stuff. to play with
and huge sets of full quality things to buy and save oodles of time.

let us know how it goes :slight_smile:
ok bye for now

@schpengle, thanks for the reply.

Where are you seeing all of those??? I joined the site like you suggested but I see none of those. Can we all get the download URL for that page?

Here are the ones I am looking for:


@PwrSrg Your not a million miles off ha, but yeah those plugins are ‘missing’ from the site at moment as I am changing things up there, most will be added back. I can add some of the ones you want to your account if you send me your username

Free CSS components, New age and Graygrids are gone, early plugins and you don’t need them.

Eden Blocks and Cards are being redeveloped, so you will have to wait for those again, sorry. Down as they need to be installed a different way to how the other plugins are now, and they confuse users

There will be plenty of freebies coming, as a side note if anyone has a UI/Block kit they found on web and would like to see a Pinegrow Version, send me the link and I will ask the developer if its OK to convert it

hi there, you won’t see all those. that is MY account login page :slight_smile:

I’m just showing you what HAS been made available by @benhanna for free.
thats a pile of them I have added over time.

so just join his site, and check out his posts :slight_smile:and then also, check out the links I have posted above and …hey!

get playing.
I can sit here filtering all the links out of his site for you, Ive given you some pointers, now go have a look and let me know how you do :slight_smile:
good luck

Hey @benhanna, thanks for the reply!

My username is the same as it is here, PwrSrg. Anything you add would be appreciated. :grinning:

On another note, like I said before I love the idea of your site, and would like nothing more than to see it explode in plugins and popularity! Pinegrow is an Amazing platform and has SO much potential, but very few people have ever even heard of it. I do my best to get the word out, but all anyone ever talks about is Webflow. :expressionless:

Lastly, every time I use PG all I think about is how Awesome it would be if template developers would start creating PG Kits for them! Or even a paid service to port your favorite paid templates. There are so many amazing templates out there these days, and it only makes perfect sense to start making them all drag-and-drop ready for modern day design environments and “block-builders” like Pinegrow, Elementor, Bootstrap Studio, Mobirise, Adobe XD, JustInMind, Pingendo, Mockplus, Gravit Designer, Affinity Designer, Luacy, ProtoPie, InVision and others.

I look forward to your updates!

@PwrSrg No Worries, and I agree with you, I also thought that way and decided to start building them myself. I will be adding an option to port templates and create custom plugins on the site, however there can be a few license issues with distribution of prebuilt templates and need to be careful there, I think just converting for a user would be OK, but offering them as free/paid downloads on the site, sometimes not…I will be adding more block kits soon, there are some up there now, and working on one for building restaurant websites with 170+ blocks but at moment the priority is updating the chocka blocks plugin to Bootstrap 4.

I am going to add some of the free downloads on this page Instead.

Should be up shortly…

Damn you for making me work on the site on a day I planned to take a break from it :slight_smile:

The site was wiped recently and had to do a rebuild which is the main reason things are missing etc at the moment, would appreciate if you removed the comments on youtube as they might confuse ppl…

Note that the eden and cards plugins are not technically pinegrow plugins, more like projects you can use in Pinegrow using drag and drop, my definition of a Pinegrow Plugin has changed since creating them, I am also not 100% they work as well as before but should. Kwicks and the grid ones should be fine

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@PwrSrg,I see that you have good support here.

He does :slight_smile:

and now, more characters, since you can post a message below 20 characters… baloney

Animated frame sliders, bit experimental while looking at some codrops tutorial, maybe someone will find it useful (freebie)

yes looks fun! I had the email, cheers @benhanna, alas I have neither twitter nor facebook and even though signed in, couldn’t access the 3 freebies in your lovely email. curses. no download for me. boo hoo

Will remove this restriction soon, it shouldn’t do that obviously

ah no problem>

I shall remove the restriction in my head/life that has prevented getting back to you on your site content pretty soon too, I hope! :slight_smile:


I don’t even allow twitter and facebook to connect/track my browsing activity most of the time.

Still, that does look like a very nice and efficient way you handle that on your site :smiley:

pity! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry folks, will remove this ASAP, just finishing off a new plugin and thats what focusing on at moment, but will fix it as soon as I am done here, either tomorrow or maybe even later depending on how some of the last testing goes.

Weird thing is its fine for me when testing

NO problem at all!

Your giving us technological goodies to play with that you have spent time creating for us.
Its just a pity that another technology stops us tinkering :stuck_out_tongue:curses!

I removed this restriction for now, some may need to clear broswer cache to see the change.

I also released a new freebie Pinegrow Restaurant template with 25 free bootstrap 4 blocks - pro version is a block kit with 150 Blocks for building restaurant websites

Now I am off to try make some better install instruction videos! But rememebr there is a guide here for people who struggle

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