New to Pinegrow. Two questions (sluggishness and class deletion)

Hello all, new user here. I currently use Blocs (used RW before that) and am thinking to “step up”. My trial is running out (seriously, why only 7 days to test??) but I kind of like Pinegrow. Blocs is so easy to quickly assemble a basic layout and still apply classes to make it shine. Not sooo different from Pinegrow when it comes to Bootstrap, though I prefer to have all the styles and classes that Bootstrap offer so easy to access and visible in Pinegrow, instead of searching the Bootstrap site…

Anyway, I do have two things that really bother me.

  1. On my 16" MacBook Pro with very much the highest specs I could get when I purchased it two years ago, Pinegrow is very … well, laggy, or … sluggish. When e.g. entering grid areas in the styles panel, it really takes time to react. Same - sometime - when moving elements on the canvas with the mouse or dragging grid items to resize them. It’s not always, but … well it’s really annoying. Seems it gets worse the longer I have Pinegrow open.

Am I the only one experiencing that? Why is that? I didn’t expect it to be running so slowly and laggy on a high end MacBookPro.

  1. I played around with styles and classes on a blank html canvas and wondered… how do I delete a class from the project? Yes, I can remove it from an element, deactivate it, but do I really need to delete it manually from the css file? And even when I delete it from the CSS file, I need to restart Pinegrow to have it not shown in the class panel (cmd+L) after I deleted it.

Thank you,

Hi there, a few others have mentioned that it seems to be running a bit laggy in some circumstances …you could try one of the slightly older versions, download and install that. I use an older Mac, but I havent really given the latest versions a good kicking to see how they go yet.

so try that.

As for the 7 day trial, the admins are pretty reasonable, if you explain that your experiencing issues with lag etc they will probably extend it for you to try again.
check in with @Emmanuel on here, or send an Email to

Also, you could try their LIVE Dev version - although I’m not sure if if you have to be all licensed up for that, again check with them.
This is the super up to date, constantly updated version which is part installed, part online and is NOT the subscription cloud type, rental licence thingy.

check on the forum here for the Recently released live version and contact support via the 2 methods I mentioned above and try older or super new LIVE versions.

There are, apparently some sort of Node NJWS issues Ive seen mentioned on here, with multiple instances running at the same time comsuming RAM or remaining after the APP has closed.

as for the styling question, I cant remember! Ive been a bit lazy on the PG acutal usage front as of late, so someone else could help you with that or point you in the right direction.

ok Good luck with it and Welcome aboard.
oh and I’m just another user, the chap I mentioned is an admin, also @RobM for the styling question if no one else gets back to you on here.

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Hi @pumpkin,
I second many things @schpengle said. The administrators are very liberal in extending licenses. Email support and they will set you up. The live version does have some updates that might help the laggyness (is that a word?). Here is a link Pinegrow Live | Pinegrow Web Editor. I think it will work with a trial license. Again, contact support for help if not. Finally, trying an older version might be temporarily needed. NWJS is trying to get on top of the problems and it should be solved fairly soon.

As for classes. The class panel simply remembers a list of classes used. These classes aren’t necessarily in your project anywhere, so no worries about deleting them in the class panel. However, if you have used that class to make a rule in your stylesheet and you no longer want that rule, you need to manually delete it from the stylesheet. Just because you remove a class name from an element, doesn’t mean you want any styling associated with that class name removed from the project. For example, you may use that same class name and style on multiple pages in your project.
Hope this helps,

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Thanks @RobM and @schpengle for your answers.Both are very helpful.

I noticed that whenever I quit Pinegrow and restart it, the “lagginess” (sure is some kind of word, is it?) is gone. Seems to get worse when I leave Pinegrow open while sending my MBP to sleep.

Ah well, if I have to delete classes manually in the css, then so be it. That’s not happening on a regular basis anyway, but I thought it could be done with the click of a button :wink:

I’ll contact support to see if I can get the trial period extended. And I’ll sure try the Pinegrow live version too.

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Yeah - I think if you start up the activity monitor you’ll see that Pinegrow is using up more and more ram.