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Hi! Im pretty new to Pinegrow and some questions and need recomendations.

Im buildning a site for a client and they need a news section they can edit by themselvs, how do I apporach this? Should I create a Wordpress theme of my site when done? Or should I use the Pinegrow CMS?

Thanks for answering,
Tobias M

The Best option is using CMS ( WordPress )


@evxtobias Pinegrow convert to Wordpress is a better option in my opinion


You would want some sort of interface they can use online. Pinegrow CMS is a version of Pinegrow that they would have to purchase and from my understanding is an offline process, requiring downloading and uploading of static files via FTP.

There is a process using PHP and JavaScript that allows direct editing of live pages on the website. Though if you are not technically knowledgeable on how to implement something like that then I agree WordPress is your best option.

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