Nwjs runaway process?

Was using Pinegrow recently, 6.0, and had recently downloaded and updated to 6.1 as of last night… Throughout the night my system was running with high fans, so I closed all apps.
I’m on a Mac, and the fans still running, so I looked at the processes and seen 2 nwjs Helper (Renderer) processes running at around 80%+ CPU.

I double checked these and seen Pingrow.app as the source to these nwjs instances.

All supposedly has been closed on the Pinegrow end, and still I have these running seemingly full blast? A force quit settled things down… Though, I’m curious how these managed to stick around doing whatever they do, at 80%+ CPU. Any Idea WHAT it’s still doing? I’d hope they are caught in some null processing loop.

Is this a bug issue?

Hi @mrSidX,
Could you please give us a few more details about your operating system/computer model? Also, keep us posted if this occurs again. I typically don’t see much more than a transient 30% CPU usage running the latest Pinegrow on 10.14.6, 3GHz i5.

Hey Rob,

Thanks for the reply…

This issue occurred on my Mac running 10.15, and was with the nwjs process invoked by Pinegrow.
I have not yet seen this issue repeat. I was on Pinegrow 6.0, and happened to be downloading and updating to 6.1 at the time. Not sure if this update transition was the cause as the version 6.0 was still running in memory. I then noticed the fans and closed apps, had Pinegrow closed and the (2x nwjs) processes stayed in process at 80% CPU usage each.

I have yet to replicate this issue on the same machine/ environment, or any other environment. Perhaps it was a transitional glitch, or maybe remedied within the update? The transition (update) was done with 6.0 still running, and noticed the issue between closing the 6.0 instance, and prior to running the 6.1 (newly installed) instance of Pinegrow.

I will be keeping an eye out for this in the future when CPU fans are audible, and apps are closed. I will report asap if and when this occurs again.
Hopefully then I can provide more details.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think that there were any underlying NWJS changes between 6.0 and 6.1.

Do you think anyhow that the NJWS instances went awol when Pinegrow 6.1 got “patched” over when 6.0 was running?
Possibly an internal V8 issue? Maybe it didn’t hear the termination event call? Just throwing out some what ifs…
But like I said, I’ve not re-encountered the issue yet. When it does, I will report back and provide any dumps, or debug messages you’d like.

It is possible. When we test we are upgrading and downgrading all the time. Sounds like a random hiccup. Thanks for the offer - it will make trouble-shooting a lot easier.

OK, I got the issue to replicate, or at least happen again.

I’ve taken a screen shot to show the Pinegrow icon indicates that the process is not running. The nwjs process is still running in the Activity Monitor.

I saved the spindump data into a txt file, but can’t seem to upload and share on this thread.
I would be happy to email you a copy if you’d like to see it.

Yeah, if you could email the file to support@pinegrow.com it would be great.

Her RobM,

Will do that now. Sorry been busy lately, else would’ve sent sooner.


It appears I didn’t save the file at the time like I thought I did. As soon as I can regenerate a new one I will send to support immediately…

Thanks for your patience.


I’m getting an NWJS Helper problem too with Pinegrow 6.1. See attached screengrab.
Screenshot 2021-11-24 at 13.15.30

Still getting Pinegrow triggering the fan coincides with NWJS. See screen grabs.
Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 12.01.44
Screenshot 2021-12-03 at 12.01.52

Both the renderer and the GPU are related to Pinegrow.

We have an experimental fix for this issue on Pinegrow Live (a special PG version that loads the latest PG code straight from our server). This lets us quickly publish big fixes and address any issues.
Please give it a try and let me know if there is any improvement:

Downloading… :wink: yet more useless characters…just so its over 20 and will post