NWJS not closing?

On a few occassions I found that nwjs has filled my entire 32GB Ram causing the PC to grind to a halt at a time that I was not actually running Pinegrow. If it happens again I’ll try and find out more but it’s hard when the PC has no ram left!
I notice after I have closed Pinegrow normally that in Task Manager one instance of NWJS process is still running using 16% CPU and 256MB Ram. When Pinegrow IS running it may be that there are 8 or more instances of NWJS. Why is one left after close and what is it doing? (Pinegrow 6.12 Windows 10.)

Task manager after Pinegrow used then closed:

Task manager Pinegrow in use normally:

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Sometimes a process called nwjs helper (Renderer) is left after Pinegrow quits and it consumes CPU and memory. This appears to be a NWJS issue and we can not fix it directly. In this update we added a code that explicitly terminates the process on Pinegrow exit. Please let us know if this has any positive impact.

Try it now on Pinegrow Live: