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What on earth is this NWJS running in the background and why is my GPU being so heavily utlized? It was installed with your program. I googled it and it looks to be some sort of virus with cryptomining. Your developers damn well better have a good explanation quick. I will be contacting my local law enforcement here in the U.S. if you can’t explain yourselves.

Let’s calm down.
https://nwjs.io is used by Pinegrow and is by no means a virus. It is one of the components of our application, and it is normal for it to run in the background when Pinegrow is active.

If, for some reason, it remains active after you have exited Pinegrow (due to a crash or other issue), you can simply stop it using your task manager.

Ok - why is my GPU usage so high when its running? I was using Pinegrow earlier and closed it. That NWJS was still running and my GPU was also being used. When I closed it manually in task manager, my GPU usage went back to 0-1%.

I encourage you to contact our support team directly so that your case can be investigated thoroughly.

Yeah - I already emailed your support team and I haven’t got a response.

I’m sorry but I don’t find any message from your current forum email (and related NWJS topic) in the support AT pinegrow.com inbox

Can you please retry ?

I sent an email directly to support@pinegrow.com

We have just found your message (that was sent an hour ago) but was intercepted by our spam filter.

Answer in progress.

By ChatGPT:
Essentially, nw.js combines the power of the JavaScript programming language with the WebKit rendering engine (the same one used by many browsers) to create an environment where you can build and distribute your applications. You can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop the user interface and add custom functionality to your software.

NW.js also provides access to system functions such as the file system, notifications, dialog windows, and more. This means you can create applications that interact with the user’s computer, offering advanced features.

Simply, nw.js allows you to use node.js in both the backend and frontend. Both server-side and client-side.

If the process remains open after closing the program, it is probably because of some bug. Investigating the cause without having useful information to start with is impossible.

Googling queries such as “nw.js virus” will probably lead to unreliable results.
There are many online services, free and paid, that allow you to analyze applications and files in general to identify malware (virustotal, intezer, any.run, etc). But I really don’t feel that’s the case.

NWJS is a legitimate toolkit similar to Electron. It’s nothing to be concerned about. It’s one of the things that lets Pinegrow easily run on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and as a WordPress plugin without having to jump through hoops on each platform. (Well, without jumping through too many hoops, I suppose…)

NW.js (nwjs.io)

Our exchanges have shown that the issue has not recurred since that one and only instance, and we agree that it was likely a glitch with inexplicable and non-systematically reproducible causes to this day.

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