OMG.... Am I really in the right *wannabe" Profession?

I mean…


Deploy the versioned artefact downstream for consumption

my God… that sentence just makes the flesh drop off my bones and leave them stand, bleached, like a buffalo Skeleton on a dust bowl desert scene…

I mean really?

Somebody said that about their creation?.. the child of thier mind?

I sooo relate to some of the recent posts by @matjaz on medium, about web sites getting harder/but easier with pinegrow and the whole flavour of the posts he linked too in his article.

I’ll relink them later If I find them.

man, please dont tell me this is the future and PLEASE dont ever offer me a job at Atlassian.
If I ever get THAT good… that I can fill THAT position… that works on THAT SPECIFIC product…

I might just have to take a drill to my head to let the voices out and the butterflies in…
or vice versa

N.B, this was the VERY last email in over 1100 I had to wade through after falling behind over xmas.
I’m so pleased it was not the first or I might not have had the will to carry on and just incinerated the lot

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