Online Courses _ web dev etc, Shaw Academy- Reviews or feedback anyone?

Hi All, any one used Shaw academy?

I am currently watching the clock count down on a £29, lifetime subscription offer they have emailed me.

BUT… oh my god, the reviews I see of them!

I have 3 hours…

and I know about other online schools and am a member of those, so I dont need any suggestions like
Well, in my opinion you should try xyz academy,

Im just wondering about This one?
Any feedback?

Well, I did it!
I signed up… for a fifetime, for £29.

Initial experience is … very twitch, and dodgy.
but I think I now see some content.

BUt I am Highly suspect of this.
I will start up a blog I think, to docuemt this and much more.

Cheaper than Trump University but likely just as useless. I prefer Udemy for the lessons I buy but can’t find time to take, somehow hoping that osmosis is working between my credit card and my brain.

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That is funny from every angle, no matter how many times it’s read.

Ha! @Farscaper! much the same here.
I have reams of books too. osmosis… how I wish!
Right, their photography course starts in a few minutes so IM away, the Web Design once I have already started is voiced over by an Irish mad man…

And yesterday I was up the alllotment, doing ground prep. after the snow, Manure and camaras, great mix and a break from da web

Shaw Academy used to be good, and then there was an exodus and a very twitchy redesign, and everything doesn’t work right anymore. I went there early on, those classes were solid then. I attended them live, as well, none of this “nearly everything is a recording” as it is now. Near the end when odd changes started taking place, I’m glad I left, and I won’t be going back unless they bring it back to those old standards. I think management ruined it, don’t blame some instructors (good ones) for leaving.

Never heard of it. I use Udemy, Youtube and buy individual courses from content creators I like on YT. Though I would say Udemy is my main paid go to for education on programming, webdesign, drawing and 3D / 2D design.

Kinda want to stay away from the get $3K+ worth of courses for $10 sellers but other than that… Udemy is my reliable choice.