OpenApi V3 created API's integration in a project


Very new to pinegrow and mainly using it to rough out a UI for further development, we use openapi v3 to define our API’s and I’m looking for examples or pointers to tools that would help us as developers of the back end to put simple UI’s in place so experiment with how a real UI would work.

Any suggestions?


Hi @datkins47 - Can you give me a little more of an idea of what you are trying to build? My guess is that you should focus on the JavaScript Fetchh API.
Pinegrow can let you quickly put together a page that contains whatever put and get fields you need. I’m not sure where your API will be served from in development. Local, Cloud, service like Heroku…?
I can point you in the direction of some additional tutorials if you give me a little better idea of what your exact needs are.

hoped there would be some exmaples that would fit, I’m looking for a generic solution for multiple use cases

Like I said, without more info, I can’t really point you in a helpful direction. What is your API doing? Are you just sending data and getting back confirmation? Are you consuming a lot of data that has to be displayed to the user based on form input? What kind of data is it, and would it be enough while putting the API together to simply see that the data is delivered without parsing and interpreting for display?

There are great examples out there, but an API is just a generic thing.