Build front end with Pinegrow (lowcode backend integration)


many new builders are coming on the market and many of them have “low-code” or “no-code” ways to build integration with backends or API.

This would be amazing if we can have it in pinegrow, I think that is not needed to have a backend develop by pinegrow but just a framework that allows us to connect to crud app or API to show, data or request/send data over REST API.

I really think that a DB connector is not needed strapi, nocodb and many others can be a better option, but be able to create a front end in a low code environment flexible as pinegrow will be a really good upgrade for the tool.

Even AUTH is not something that pinegrow needs to care about because most no code backends already have one, it should just let us save the token or jwt.

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Hi @MooCloud,
Speaking unofficially as an independent developer - NOT in my role for Pinegrow, I’ve been thinking about something like this for awhile. I’ve just had a bit of decision paralysis/hard time distilling down a way for the plugin to be agnostic. Split between this idea, adding in HTMX, or maybe FTP (which is a BIG lift). GitHub integration is turning out to be more than I thought, but I’m learning a lot!

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Or adding support for a very simple js framework, which allows us to make rest calls, show JSON objects or arrays into BS elements.

Something similar to have a div where you import the data, with rest request for example. and then you can use that array or object data in the internal component.

This + repeating group for showing array will allow the creation of frontend and not just static website.

Maybe svelte, it’s known for being easy to implement and use the same HTML,CSS code that’s already on the website.

This is an example of get Request to show and array:



to start, I’m not a JS dev, I know that minimum to use BS or other Frameworks.
Svelte seems really good for that kind of pinegrow target user because it uses standard HTML and CSS not a special version of it like Angular.

Yes, there is a module for Svelte that allows using bootstrap module as Svelte internal one but is not needed.

Sad that I will pay 10$ more every month for that easily, the alternative is to go on wappler, but is not easy to use as pinegrow.