Optional areas' 'Restore On Update' feature doesn't work as it should

Hello Administrator,

I’m using Pinegrow on Windows in my front-end development workflow. I’m aware of the ‘Optional areas’ feature, which I use quite often.

However, ‘Restore On Update’ feature doesn’t work as it should. In theory, it’d be useful when I want to add an optional area to e.g. a master page or component, and want it to show up on other pages automatically (whithout using the ‘Restore optional areas’ function from the menu, on all pages one-by-one – that perfectly works, but is time-consuming in some cases).

However, when I use it, the following problem happens, step-by-step:

  1. I define a new Optional area on a master page.

  2. I check ‘Restore On Update’ in Optional area’s settings.

  3. I run ‘Update the whole project’ function. Optional areas are added to pages, that use the master page – it perfectly works, just as it should.

  4. I then uncheck ‘Restore On Update’ in the Optional area’s settings on the master page (since I want to manually control each areas on all pages in future).

  5. If I run ‘Update the whole project’ function again, the according optional area disappears from pages to that it was added before using ‘Restore On Update’ setting. It’s the unwanted/buggy behaviour, that ruins the purpose of this great feature.

May I expect a fix to this one? Thank you in advance!

Note: I’ve also sent an email on this, but then realized the forum may be a better place to submit. Feel free to only answer one of them!

Kind regards,
Márton Lente

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i’m still getting this exact behavior in version 5.96 of PG PRO.

if i delete an area of a component, and want to restore it… i must use the Update Component Instance from the context menu instead of the Restore Optional Area option.

When i do this the entire component is updated, not just the area i wanted restored

It seems redundant to Update Component Instance when you have the “restore on update” box unchecked