Page from URL reload

I do most of my development and design on a local testing environment. I output data from a database using PHP then style it in Pinegrow. If and when I make changes to the generated output say to get more fields, change the amount of records retrieved or make any update I have to close the page in Pinegrow then reload it via Open URL.

It would be nice to have a reload page from URL button similar to the reload page icon / button, would make it easier to work with dynamic data.


Currently using Pinegrow 3.07 Pro

Still would like this feature added, it is now version 5 of Pinegrow.

Ability to refresh a page loaded via URL is needed.

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Hello, I think this feature could be useful. I work mainly in local with localhost website. Every time I add a content or modify the page in external editor I must close the window and reopen the remote URL. Please add it. Thanks.

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The solution I’m looking for is a “dynamic developer mode” in Pinegrow to be able to work in PHP (with PHP includes recognized) and a build in local server that would solve all problems, but unfortunately it’s like talking to a brick wall. The fact that the border between back-end and front-end is getting vaguer every day doesn’t count and they want to stay with pure HTML I’m afraid. In DreamWeaver this is all already possible for more then 10 years! So mostly I’m working with Sublime text 3 and MAMP.


Thats a good summary. :wink: