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Parallax Blocks? Login and backend cointrols? Automatic Menus?


First, I LOVE Pinegrow. It’s the perfect mix of drag and drop and code editing and it really resonates with me. I am a long time Pinegrow Pro user, but there are a few things i’d like to see that are missing (and to be honest, I mostly use Pinegrow Bootstrap blocks and not word press, joomla or any of the other frameworks - this is STRICTLY for HTML and PHP websites that I create using Bootstrap Blocks):

Many of my other web design tools/software allow me to create parallax backgrounds/blocks but I cannot seem to find that in Pinegrow’s Blocks. Parallax makes a site look really slick and would love to see this implemented.

There are no login tools that I can see to create php back-end areas. My second favorite software has this, but not Pinegrow. I’d love to see controls like this added (login, logout, password protection, etc).

In all of my other software, the program takes care of the menu tree and automates the user menus. In Pinegrow, I do this by HAND which is cumbersome and old-school. Is there a page manager/tree where I can automatically create drop-down menus?

Keep making Pinegrow the best web editor out there.