PG 6 bootstap_theme

Why don’t I have a PG 6 bootstap_theme just a bootstrap folder within my new template project?

Hi @kat,
I guess you mean when you activate the Design Panel? Sometimes you have to save after activation and then click on the dropdown next to the project name and select “Reload Project”

Let me know if this helps,

I reopened and bootstrap_theme is there. Hooray.

Two Qs:

  1. Is 2021 a bad folder name? I’m redoing my home page as a project in a 2021 folder.

  2. When I get done how do I move the index.html to the top level of the site with PG?
    I can do this in Dreamweaver cs6 and it will reset my links.


Hi @kat,

  1. 2021 seems like an okay project folder name. No funky characters, no spaces - which are fine, but a pain to escape.

  2. It is generally a best practice to develop with files in the same relative place in the directory structure as where they will be on the server. While you can create and delete files from the Pinegrow Project panel, you can’t reorder them. You will have to use your computer’s file explorer. Pinegrow does have a fix links options by right clicking on a file in the Projects panel. Note: you will have to perform this for each HTML page in your project.


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I’ve got my bootstrap theme project in “New” folder. OK to drag items below to my site’s top level.

  1. bootstrap folder will overwrite the current top level folder
  2. assets>js>add popper.min.js
  3. rename style.css to new.css & relink
  4. overwrite_pginfo>fonts.json
  5. _pgbackup> dragging existing backups into folder
  6. duplicate index.html as indexNew.html

Moved bootstrap theme files to site top level. All is well nothing exploded.

I’m on 3rd watching of Rob’s Css Grid tutorial, this time taking notes. So many shortcuts and keyboard commands to learn. But I’m getting there.

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