Is there a way to set the default directory for css files to /css and js files to /js?

I start with a new clean basic page and I note that it puts a .css file in the root site directory. I’d rather put all these files in /css. Same with .js. Is there an option to set PineGrow to do this?

i’m running win7 and PGpro when i create a new project, PG automagically creates /css/styles.css in the project folder…

the process is a bit wonky, and i had to play around with it before i got it flow correctly, but now it goes something like this.

  • open PG
  • select “new page or project”
  • i drill down to “plain HTML” for this (maybe that’s why?)

this creates a “new.html” file in PG that i can start adding markup to, but before i do any of that …

  • choose SaveAs
  • choose or create a new empty folder for your project in the dialog box
  • click “open”
  • click “save” (change the html file name here if “new” is not what you want)
  • then back in PG, choose “open as project”

you should now have a new project folder with your html page and a /css folder already linked into your <head> section.

i found if i deviate very much from this process things don’t seem to go as i would expect them to…

that doesn’t help with the /js folder, but then i have js turned off on mine, so that might be why.

Thanks. I tried that and it does as you suggest…/css directory with a styles.css in it. I wonder why doesn’t that work for a Bootstrap 4 project? And if you add a Bootstrap 4 page to this new project it says it can’t find style.css (cuz it’s in the /css directory)…where it seems like it should be. Seems odd.


Hi Gregg,
When you open a Bootstrap 4 project there is a “assets” folder created that can contain css, js, images etc.
This is a great tutorial to get you going with a Bootstrap Project and SASS!

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