Pinegrow Erasing style.css when style.less is saved or edited

I have a template that I am working with on PG, and I noticed that when I save the root folder’s sytle.less file, it totally wipes out any data in style.css leaving it empty and saves it.
I closed out VS Code thinking this would be a bug between the two, but this persists within PG only.

Prior to this, I was experiencing an error when saving:

* file:///C:/Users/xxxx/Desktop/main-roofit/roofit-placeholder/style.less - Unrecognised input. Possibly missing opening '(' in file at 2806:10

This error message was remedied by locating faulty syntax errors in the template’s style.less

Please forgive me as I’m still using version 6.5
Was this a known issue? I’m due for an update, but I want to cover this issue prior.

I restarted my machine, and came back into PG, and loaded both the style.css and the style.less into the editor. I was able to save style.less without erasing style.css.
The moment I loaded index.html the problem happened again.

I’m starting to guess something with the less compiler isn’t working?
When it erases the .css my whole page styling is non-existent.

I have extracted the template into a whole new folder, copied over all the contents to this, and now I am able to work without the .css file going blank.

Ever since this maneuver, PG is working like a charm.
Perhaps I should have reported this into the bugs forum? I will report anymore findings here, but this could have been addressed already with later versions that what I am using.

I’m getting the error popup again “Unrecognized Input” about the style.less when I try to save index.html file.
This hasn’t yet erased the style.css
The syntax checks out OK, but still get the error.

Can you please contact the support and send us your project folder?

Hello Emmanuel…

Thanks for reaching out.

I would be happy to assist. My project in all is at 16mb, so this should zip & transfer via email.

Note: I am pending a reply back on a license renewal inquiry with PG support, as I am about to renew my PG One Time Payment hopefully within the next few days.

I will zip the project and send now.

The project has been sent and a link provided to the shared zip of the project.