PineGrow 5.2 Crashing often on Ubuntu 16.04 Linux

By often I mean twice so far, follwing the CSS grid tutorial.
Only got 2/3rds of the way through the 3rd vid. as I was about to save annoyingly.

Intel Core 2 duo, 2Ghz x2
1.9GB ram (odd number)

just running PineGrow, Firefox with 3 tabs, watching the tutorial on laptop screen. pinegrow on a secondary.

Very sluggish… very, then PG crashes gracefully to desktop
no screaming heard

if you require anything to check it out, let me know.

Also, iF I click on a file or create a new one/open one of the backup files, as it crashed without saving, the new Page shows up after a long delay, Or I get the errror
Google Chrome was unable to open a Plugin or something like that.
Invalid is blocked please try checking your extensions,

or something like that, then that page closes.